Renewing Members

Some tips before you join

01Not sure if you have already created an account?

All members need to have an account to complete their online registration. If you are unsure whether you have an account or not, please check with the Registrar:

02Having issues with resetting your account name or password?

Your mobile number and email address must be up to date for the reset to take place. Contact the Registrar if you are experiencing difficulty.


Please follow the prompts and pay for your membership immediately after you have completed the renewal process. An unpaid account means your registration is not complete.

04Active Kids

Yes, we accept Active Kids vouchers. Please have them ready before you renew as we cannot accept them retrospectively. Please enter the details at the payment part of the transaction exactly as they appear on the voucher, including any middle initials that may appear. Note that if you are registering a patrolling member aged between 15 and 18 (membership fee $40), the voucher can be used toward this, but we cannot refund the balance.

05Family Groups

If you are a family, consider linking your membership as a family group, if you haven’t already done so, to enable a streamlined renewal process. Family groups allow membership renewal in one simple step.

06Wanting to add new members to your family group?

Select the family group option, and as you work through the renewal you have the option to add new members to your group.